About ATF Labs

“As diverse as your business need may be, at ATF Labs Pvt. Ltd ,Agra, India we offer specialized best talents to suit your specific business need. Our assurance of ace solutions with top-notch customer service helps us build infinite bonds with our customers.”

ATF Labs Pvt. Ltd.,Agra, India an IT solution provider company, and a resource augmentation company are headquartered in Gurugram, India. ATF Labs is professional capital markets/software Development Company based in India that endeavours to highly proficient, timely delivered and cost effective solutions.
In a short span of time ATF Labs in Agra & NCR has developed business relationship with reputed clientele all over the world.

Today, we provide necessary staff and software solutions to our clients in various Industry verticals, especially in niche products implementation like Murex, Calypso, Misys etc. Our team strongly believes in providing End to End solutions which consists of redefining and rethinking the existing business processes through our deep industry understanding coupled with world class technology solutions. We understand the importance of ‘Time – to -Market’. 

To address that, our team has created the best technology solution frameworks to ensure the solutions are implemented in the shortest possible span of time through our State of the art “Center Of Excellence”

ATF Labs Pvt. Ltd. Situated in Agra with its headquarter in Gurgaon aims to be the most preferred Business Partner of all Technology Providers and IT companies globally, by ensuring that solutions are implemented in the shortest possible span of time resulting in on time delivery with optimum quality enabling our customers to find the best resources helping them achieve their Major BUSINESS OBJECTIVES. 

ATF Labs Pvt. Ltd Agra has grown to become an overseas service provider of Risk Management services, Hedge Funds and Investment banking Services, Data Privacy Solutions and IT Services in Agra. Our services span from Application Management Outsourcing, Packaged Application Services, Verification and Testing, Remote Infrastructure Management, Product Development and Support, to higher value-added offerings including Managed Platform and Product Engineering Services.

We focus on


In the infinite ocean of IT and software solutions

We put real, direct, live research of the target audiences at the core of every project and involvement. This begins with ethnographical and humanoid research and takes those insights as the guiding star for any project.

We ensure that our methods, items, and expectations all utilization human-focused plan standards. This starts with Design Thinking as a center cycle to all that we do.

We are assisting clients in determining how to form the appropriate organisations in Agra & in NCR region, increase the appropriate levels of skills, and establish the necessary authoritative acclimations in order to make human capacity a cornerstone for sustained societal transformation.

  • Digital Workplace Services

  • Innovation

  • Cloud and Infrastructure

  • ClearPath Forward

  • Business Platforms and Services

  • Security Solutions

Could your future be with us?

Our culture is built upon nurturing a strong, knowledgeable team, which tackles projects with an enthusiastic, proactive approach. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to learn more and develop our skills, enabling our team to take on increasingly demanding projects.

We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who are eager to work on interesting and challenging projects and wish to join a team of passionate enthusiasts and professionals.

We comprehend the beat of our customers needs and take into account their product advancement prerequisites through our product arrangements. The strong demeanor of our colleagues guarantees the customer of our compassion towards their business challenges. Our customers are guaranteed that we will actually want to assist them with our redid programming arrangements.

Area of Expertise

Bench Resources

We value having a small labour force on hand, which is always a good idea when a crisis or pressing issue arises. Seat assets are positioned in support of ensuring that there is no reliable influence on work or the schedule of conveyances by incorporating shifted innovations.

Hand-Picked resources

Our team of professionals are well equipped with required domain knowledge to give our clients the best output they have been looking for. Our highly matured team members stay committed to bringing you unique and customize software solutions for all your business challenges.

Committed Delivery Managers

Built on a strong reliable middle management, our Delivery Champions are equipped with vast experience in technology as well as domain expertise, allowing them to take complete ownership regarding project deliveries.

Resource Augmentation

Varied skill sets are required in order to complete a project or address a business requirement within specified timelines. So diverse skills need to come together, in order to determine the best course of action to be taken to enhance overall team output.

We as an IT services provider company become essential to our customers by providing differentiated products and services to help them achieve their aspirations

Empower our customers to focus on Core Business Competence through innovative and competitive IT and Business Process Outsourcing.